Changes, Changes

Milk cartons, beer cans, plastic bottles, more beer cans… We looked at our garbage bin, then we took a looong hard look at ourselves, raised our eyebrows (don't all big changes begin with raised eybrows?) and decided OK, we're doing this. Now. What can't be reused, recycled or composted can wave a sweet goodbye to our bar, as we are going waste-free. We no longer want to contribute to the plastic floating in oceans which with time degrades to microplastic and gets eaten by birds and fish and whales and turtles and oh too many other animals! We're sorry!
So, from now on, with all this awful images stuck in our mind- we are getting our milk from the milk vending machine, water will only be poured from the tap (Slovenija has the most amazing tap water, don't be afraid of it!), we will serve lose tea only, juice will be delivered by the farmer himself (in glass bottles, of course), we will have our own herb garden and So. Much. More.
We will support small local businesses, craft breweries, craft gin distilleries (gintonic anyone?), small coffee producers and just do our best to make this world even better. Yes!
We can't wait for you to visit and see what we've got!

#zerowaste ##saynotoplastic #tresorbar
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