SWAP #15

every first Tuesday of the month 5pm - 8pm, 4. junij 2019

A chance to recycle preloved clothes, books, accessories and fall in love with some "new to you" items.

This is an educational event to bring to light alternatives and creative ways to live more sustainable. It is suppose to be simple and fun.

The rules are simple:

1. Bring what you want to rehome - Do you have books, shoes or clothes that you don’t use anymore? Please, bring them and place them to the designated areas.
2. Do you find something you love? Feel free to take it.
3. We do not check how much you bring and take, because we believe that everyone will make a fair contribution.
BUT please keep in mind, number of pieces you bring = number of pieces you take (if you take more, it is not a problem)
4. We do not accept bigger amounts of clothes! 
5. Have fun!

Free entrance!

swap, izmenjevalnica oblačil, eco friendly, zero waste
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