Unique rooms in a unique location

What does Hostel Tresor offer?

It does not matter if you are traveling alone, with friends, for business or if you are on a romantic getaway. You will be taken care of. Six different types of rooms cater to every traveler and every budget.

Tresor is the most beautiful example of how the once gray and rigid home of bankers can be transformed into a lively and urban international environment. Tresor Hostel gives life to the seccesion building from the early 20th century, a life which is completely different from the serious bank life, life with a capital L, full of guests from all around the world, who don't want to just see Ljubljana, but live it while meeting a colorful bunch of new roommates.

Our rooms

We have transformed official halls and offices of a former bank into multiple mini vaults. We offer our guests the intimacy and uniqueness, combined with high level of comfort.

Group offer

At Tresor we have plenty of experience catering to smaller or larger groups. We have up to 130 beds and 3 venue places available at the hostel itself. We always strive to offer every group unique and unforgettable experience.Contact us