A story of Tresor Hostel Ljubljana

How did the former home of bankers become a lively hostel, that is a melting pot of local and international culture?
Tresor Hostel Ljubljana, a unique hostel situated in the strict center of Ljubljana, just a few steps away from Prešeren square and the iconic Triple bridge. It is a member of the club of unusual and unique hotels and hostels of the world.

Tresor is the most beautiful example of how the once gray and rigid home of bankers can be transformed into a lively and urban international environment. Tresor Hostel gives life to the seccesion building from the early 20th century, a life which is completely different from the serious bank life, life with a capital L, full of guests from all around the world, who don't want to just see Ljubljana, but live it while meeting a colorful bunch of new roommates.

The heart of Tresor are three common rooms. A tall atrium with a skylight comes to life in daylight, but for socialising in the later hours of the evening the basemet offers a more suitable former bank vault. The ground floor also offers a bar by the reception which serves quality food and drinks. It acts as a space that connects guests and locals alike with the main street just out the door.

Tresor Hostel Ljubljana - the urban starting point for everyone interested in sport, culture, art and get to know new cultures and people. Tresor is not only a shelter for people from all around the world, but its main goal is to offer it's space to local creative youth. In this spirit Tresor often hosts artist and musicians, builds a bridge between the local and international environment and ensures a pleasant environment for all. It stands mighty and important, but brings it's own rythm and beat to the table, which the center of Ljubljana has been sorely lacking up till now.


Tresor Hostel combines travelers and locals, artists, musicians and enthusiasts of varied cultural events. The programme is so colourful, you will have a tough time going home.


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