Slovenia – a perfect fishing land

Lake Bled
Bled is a breathtaking location and proven as one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. This Alpine lake town with the island in Slovenia is a real heaven surrounded by mountains and nature - a gorgeous scenery that will enthrall adventurers, athletes, romantic souls and hikers.

Carps of Bled
Lake Bled is a tectonic glacial lake and lies at an altitude of 475 and it's up to 30 metres deep. It's been widely populated with carps for ages and one of the biggest carps ever caught weighed over 20 kilograms. If you would like to beat this record, try first to emerge the hook into the water an hour before sunrise until 11 in the evening.

A great tip is to get a guide, though, since the best fishing spots are taken very early in the morning and the guide will take care of reserving and holding a good spot for you. As the fishing guide knows the lake and the carps, he will be very precious giving you so insider tips and sharing the right techniques. Since fish are best caught in the morning and in the evening, it's crucial that you persist until the very end with your carp fishing Lake Bled adventure.


Not just fishing
Obviously you would visit Bled for that big carp you have just read about, but the lake town offers so much more. Some must-see in Bled are Bled Castle, the oldest one in the country reigning from a steep cliff above the lake. From that position you can admire a fairytale view of the lake and its Island. Mentioning the Island, you can reach it by a traditional 'pletna' boat - one of the Bled symbols. Another way is to rent a SUP and paddle all the way to the island. Once on the Island, don't forget to ring the bell of desire and make your wishes come true!

You can't leave Bled without tasting the famous cream cake or "kremšnita", as the locals call it. It's a symbol of Bled gastronomy and you can find it in almost every pastry shop and restaurant.


Bohinj - a great big deal for a fisherman
Lake Bohinj is the most beautiful and the largest glacial lake in Slovenia. It's so beautiful that even Agatha Christie, who was a regular visitor, could not imagine a murder in this beautiful Slovenian corner of heaven. However, fly fishing Lake Bohinj is another fishing must-experience!

Unlike Bled it's a bit less populated with tourists, but widely populated with lake trouts, brown trouts, graylings, burbots and some beautiful species of perch. Other autochthonous lake species are eelpout and an impressive number of 9 species of bleak. The rule to get your guide is even more useful in Bohinj. As the lake is so big, he will take you to the spots that most certainly hide a lot of fish. Also there, the fishing adventure begins in the early morning hours.


Beside Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia offers numerous other fishing possibilities on its mind blowing locations like emerald Soča river with amazing Fly Fishing Soča ofer.

If you like nature and fishing Slovenia is a perfect fishing land for you!

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