Art For Sleep Exchange: Nikolina Žabčić "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK" exhibition opening July 6th

We are presenting a young Croatian artist Nikolina Žabčić and her exhibition "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK" which is a story of a calendar and a young boy exploring the specifics of each month.

Welcome to Hostel Tresor - Ljubljana for the opening Saturday July 6th at 6pm!

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„KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK - What month is today?“ came out from collaboration between two friends- Sunčica Sodar and Nikolina Žabčić. It is a story written for children's book on a theme about calendar which introduces little boy with all twelve months and everything that comes with each of them. It will be produced next year but since I really value this story and believe in it, I just can't wait the moment when it will be finished. This is introduction to everything that comes next year.

My name is Nikolina Žabčić and I am BA student of animated film on Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb. Next to my love that I share for film I find myself calm and really peaceful within the medium of illustration. In the last two years I've participated in few group exhibitions and one solo, exhibited in Infozona in Split under the headline „Little amusement“. Also, I work as an illustrator for publisher Školska knjiga, animator for Fraktura and production house Nukleus Film.

It took me awhile to find out where all my ideas come from, but in time I find myself really connected to storytelling, rather than abstract and undefined forms. Books open and expand my mind and as much as I have narrative element in movie, I tend to have it in drawing also.

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